Kimberly J. Brown is an IT technical writer. On August 1, 2007, she was one of the 180 people on the I-35W bridge when it collapsed. She is now an outspoken advocate for victims and survivors of the collapsed bridge.


2019 Minnesota Book Awards finalist, memoir and creative nonfiction

2010/2011 Loft Mentor Series winner, creative nonfiction 


Master of Fine Arts, The Creative Writing, Programs at Hamline University (in progress)

Bachelor of Science, University of Minnesota


Short work

  • "Ex Dates Best Friend," Rock Paper Scissors, Hamline University, grand prize, 2014/2015 (poem)
  • "Things To Do," Sleet Magazine, Summer and Fall 2013 (flash creative nonfiction)
  • "Healing Together: Kimberly and Lucy," Recovering The Self, October 2012, Vol IV., No. 4 (memoir/essay)
  • "Ode to the Traffic Control Car," The Loft Literary Center Short Poem Festival, July 14, 2011 (poem)
  • "Using the Liminal State to Surprise and Delight (Yourself)," A View From the Loft, August 8, 2011 (article)
  • "Dealing with a Mass of Material," Loft Literary Center, Writers’ Block, Nov 4, 2010 (article)
  • "Lens," What Have You Lost? 1998. p.49 (Nye, 2001) (poem)
  • "First Mother," "To You Gone at 17 Months," Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Anthology By Korean Adoptees (Rankin, 1997), p. 18-19 

35W Advocacy